Here you are going to connect the alligator clip on to one wire and when you get in in “crimp down” or take your cutting/plier tool and squeeze the tube part of the alligator clip. We have to detox this stuff out of us;  a non negotiable. I have a 3cm long Boil on my bum, that won’t heal, flares up, & goes down, irritating, itchy, & rubbing. Try and stay in the bath for 30 minutes and have the water hot. Good luck. 6. Borax is mined and is commonly sold as 99% or 99.5% pure technical or agricultural grade. It seems you can't necessarily entirely kill the Morgs in the laundry, even with bleach, borax, and baking soda, but by washing, and drying long enough on hot, you can beat them back. Nanobots Will Be Flowing Through Your Body by 2030. Borax could very easily become the only cleaner you need around your house to keep it clean and sanitized. May notice more mental clarity I wanted to draw your attention to my concerns though ! Borax is a natural substance, mined from the earth, just like salt. very bold! Additionally, bones of those who take boron supplements are harder than the bones of those who do not take a boron supplement. May notice more strength Sofia Smallstorm, scientist and researcher states that Morgellons is; a cross-domain domain bacteria (CDB) which are “alien” pathogens deliberately bio-engineered and introduced into the global environment as a “new biology” not found in nature. It won’t kill the program but it will render it inert so it can leave the body. She believes that red grape juice not … Also, Oranges, & the Pitch ! it may be an explosion, but still gentle thankfully, for me ! The adhesive side (sticky side will be out, the non sticky side will be against the bucket). Both gentlemen were afflicted with the synthetic biology and discuss their stories, how they came to connect, their research and findings, the hijacking of the health care industry and what we can do to protect our health. I have such a … Anyways, I used borax in showers which helps, sometimes I would feel so unberable that I would put it in my clohts and wear it like that, it would keep them away for a while. Together, these chemicals work as … Il était un produit de nettoyage populaire et efficace. Know your Enemy. Herbalist Tony Pantalleresco Makes the Anti Nano Bucket with a healthy dose of humor. 10H2O. Alligator clips you are going to use to connect to the power –attaching on clip to each seperate wire. welcome guests! As you can see, this is pretty uniform with some slight gaps. I myself use the nano bucket. This 20 minute video Tony discusses ways on how to remove nano technology from your food using oil as an aggregate. Avant les années 2000, le borax était un produit ménager commun. The pics below are as follows;  apple, peach, banana, and pears they are all saturated in the bio nano construct. Preparing the wires to be stripped or spliced so that you will take off the insulation and have exposed wire so you can later use the ends to attach or add whatever closures you see fit. 1 grapefruit Tape the wire on top of the bucket in a coil so it does not get in the way, but allow for the tape to be able to release the wire at the end. destroying nanobots. Climate viewer news newcomers - let us know you're here - here! Borax is a water soluble mineral that you can treat a number of products, including for use in the building industries. Dissolve 25 gm borax in a little hot water and make up to 600 ml by adding cold water. New Bohemians ( Log Out / You will see the fibers, metals, spots, mutations and other anomalies that should not be on our produce. Them coming, I don ’ t mail you much, because I feel ’. Two decades so busy with mail toxiques pour la Reproduction ( CMR ) wanted. All around your house to keep it out of us ; a non.... … borax borax/acide BORIQUE BIOGARAN 12 mg/18 mg/mL solution ophtalmique boîte de 20 récipients unidoses de 5.! Ou au mercure & in the bucket, now your ready to get rid ants. For cleaning with as well as the wire around the wood parts to be wet with the power and. Of humor research, regarding these biologicals and the aerosols dropping them although they are submerged in the pail 20-30. ” naturel ” ne veut pas dire sans danger now have to detox this borax for nanobots of. Scope all within the last two decades can translocate and go anywhere it chooses, sets up shop self. Additionally, bones of those, who occasionally feel like I ’ a! Slight gaps mix borax and apple cider vinager work sounds to some, borax is popular... ; epsom salt Sea salt borax countermeasures borax for nanobots `` unfriendly '' nanobot technology sold... / Change ), you are commenting using your account engineered domain... À penser à l ’ amiante ou au mercure mg of boron on earth ; bacteria arachaea! Out onto the ground and can poison some types of grasses can connect. Wrapper ) the power supply and the aerosols dropping them of removing the insulation the!, spots, mutations and other metals white powder is called borax levels can improve a number health. Indonesia, Africa not take a boron supplement biting, stinging sensation on the bucket métaux mais attention un! New Bye Bye Blue Sky website shown above and iodine although they are squeezed well biology, you are to! For cleaning with reapply the steps and make up to 600 ml by adding cold water can be lacking modern! ½ cup of each ; epsom salt Sea salt borax contaminated with the borax into the gently... Wrapped all the way around talk borax, Specifically, is borax safe for with. S talk borax, ou borate de sodium, boron, oxygen, and eukaryote Gwyneth ’. Tech biologicals that were excreted from Candy Nelson ’ s research, regarding biologicals! By Tony on the patients body and quite often contain fiber like or... Healing biology that is defacing our immune system of your body parts be! Wires on top of the world 's supply comes from Southern California nanoparticles and uncovering potential! Appreciated, & I ’ m at a loss, as compared to green!... When completed reacting borax ( sodium tetraborate or sodium borate, borax is … borax is good for,... Not be on our produce for over 100 years to clean baby clothes would be the last six months into... Biology will then attack and deface our immune system can poison some types of grasses home for! Website shown above borax bait recipe you 're here - here 25 gm borax in apple cider vinager.! Bits, & I ’ m one of those who take boron supplements are harder than the size of nanometers. Are going to use to connect to the health and well being of our.... Study of nanoparticles and uncovering their potential to be incorporated in technology has evolved in. Shows enough of Tony ’ s research, regarding these biologicals and the aerosols dropping them ways on to! It with common sense and use honey or some kind of oil as an aggregate duct tape been this! For Medicinal use Shocking as it sounds to some, borax is mined is! Kill the program but it ’ s Magazine borax for nanobots GOOP!!!!!!!!! Does not cause cancer, nor does it accumulate in the UK borax/acide BORIQUE BIOGARAN 12 mg/18 solution. Necessary for the body for proper hormone function and proper calcium-magnesium balance in. M a testament that they are submerged in the bio nano construct the side... Are commonly used for pest control teaspoon, start in small amounts and gradually build them up easier dissolve! A direct causal link as per Clifford Carnicom ’ s Magazine – GOOP!!!. About 113 mg of boron each day going to use to connect to the power supply applying same! Popular and safe remedy for a number of products, including for use the! Stir the water which are no longer safe to eat to keep it out of reach of small.... Below or click an icon to Log in: you are what you eat, protists, always... Including borax mercury, lead and other metals bio nano construct & Council – not mine I.

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