You’re definitely not joking about how thin it comes out, but I don’t think it was all too hard to apply. SHER-WOOD Catalyzed Lacquer (Precat) Product Details Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Houzz Share this with your friends Share with email Print page. Zinsser’s Sealcoat is fine for that. Touching up waterborne finishes is not a fun job. SHER-WOOD® Color Express™ Precat is a high performing, pigmented and precatalyzed lacquer that can be made to Sherwin-Williams colors both quickly and accurately. These coatings handle like lacquer. It was founded in 1866 when Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams saw an opportunity to revolutionise the industrial economy with paint ingredients – a vision which would see the company open over 4800 stores globally in 150 years. Acrylic lacquer was made to avoid yellowing problems that other kinds of finishes often left. I am using an HVLP spray gun. So while it isn’t perfect, it’s definitely within the realm of being so good that I’d never notice the imperfections. So if I followed you, you’re using a coat of Zin shellac primer, two coats of KA+, and no topcoat. A 1.4mm tip will work fine if your viscosity measurements meet the specs of the tip. We have been spraying HVLP with 2.0, it works best for us, glad to see others are liking this coating as much as we do. To be perfect then spray a coat of Kem Aqua Clear coat. Click OK to extend your time for an additional 30 minutes. You are on your own because of your finish fails for any reason you cannot point a finger to them. However, if I’m not mistaken I’d have to go to a compressor-based system in order to use the Accuspray gun. 2. But I am also something of a perfectionist in general, and I think I’ve had pretty decent results with water-based finishes. Here is a link to the product page for the surfacer. Chromacolor pigmented topcoat is designed to give an exceptionally smooth finish, It is also fast drying (from just 15 minutes) and has excellent vertical hold-up. Are we talking pigmented lacquers or only topcoats? This high quality topcoat provides excellent appearance and performance over Sher-Wood Kem Aqua Plus Surfacer. You need a mechanical bond do that you have intercoat adhesion. "272140": "PL_9169687", Robert, I don’t see why it couldn’t. BTW your finish looks amazing in your Amazon review and you have over 550 “Yes this helps” as of 12-11-17. We had professional painters do some of the work I’m referring to. It’s an extra $200 vs. the Earlex but that seems to be worth it for the third stage and gravity feed. And two days after the Clear went on I went to town on it with my thumbnail and couldn’t make a mark. Their product is called Sherwood Pre-cat lacquer and the difficulty is color formulas don’t cross over from standard paint to lacquer so it has to be custom mixed and color matched. Waterborne finishes build in layers and you have to be mindful of that. Don. I chewed them down on price pretty good, so $60-70 for a dual component poly is pretty good. Just wondering what your opinion and thoughts were on this subject. Final coat of Sherwin Williams Aqua Coat applied with a HVLP? The rest of the finish is beautiful and flat. I’m in desperate need of help. Still looking for the magic bullet WB primer. Non-yellowing finishes The bumps look just like these ones:$file/TS_6.1_r.jpg, Looking into it I found info that says: “Pinholes can be caused when air bubbles trapped in the paint film expand during drying and break through the surface. It dries hard? {{ctrl.avgRatingForScrReaders}} Star rating out of 5. 5 Gal. Kem Aqua Plus Surfacer will be my next article so stay tuned. Cheers…. Seems to be priced about the same as the ProClassic too (~$80/gallon bought in 1-gal increments). ANCASTER, ONTARIO. With its slight gloss, this finish offers the benefits of a richer look. Now that I know I’m in, I’ve been considering an Earlex 5500 for $399 which is also on the low end but can adjust the spray pattern on the fly and has swappable needles and air caps, but to be honest I think I’m leaning toward a gravity-fed Fuji Mini Mite 3 T75G for around $600. Right there with you, Bruce. I’m finally ready to finish my real project. Compared to any solvent system this stuff does not spray well. Where I wor clear coat over the pigment coat. This lustrous, durable finish is great for windows, doors and trim or any area that you would like to highlight. "272139": "PL_9169687", AF7290 high gloss water based lacquer In the search for a better cabinet grade waterborne finish, my company, JHC, recently started using SW Kem Aqua Plus. The closest I got was to very slightly degloss the bit I was scratching, while scratching it hard and fast with the corner of my thumbnail, and this was before the poly had fully cured. Lay down a new coating, primer or topcoat, whatever you sanded through. This stuff is soft. While Kem Aqua Plus is resistant to micro foaming, it is not immune to this negative characteristic. I also picked up some Abranst pads from Amazon to give them a try this weekend. General finishes with some good results. Use ML Campbell Clawlock for a primer. I just picked up the KA+ from the local SW Commercial shop. You can achieve the same look (that of depth, chatoyancy) TDS: technical data sheet. In 2005, while painting their house for the market, Garth and Kim Getchell were pulled into an intriguing conversation with seasoned painting contractor Pat McCauley who demonstrated a rough prototype of a unique painting tool that, at first, simply sparked the interest of the Getchell’s: then, their excitement. Without the use of an approved retarded this is assured to happen, and require sanding and re coating. ARTI® is a brand of Sherwin Williams. 1. great sprayed through a HVLP or conventional sprayer/ compressor set up The results I’m getting with the KA+ are beyond good enough for my current project. It is a very thin coating in comparison to the heavy bodied acrylics many contractors are accustomed to. Is this from laying the finish on too thick? Regular paint job I use mid gloss. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc. This coating has a learning curve that I would consider fairly high. No it doesn’t. Thanks! I checked the same piece a few weeks later and could just barely see a faint trace of the deglossing if I held the piece in the right light, so I think the deglossing had more to do with the piece not having cured fully than anything else. I cannot stand waterborne. I’ve also looked at a lot of painted furniture that we own that has almost certainly been sprayed by robots in a factory and the quality of the surfaces, while generally the best of all of those I looked at, still has some kind of texture on it when looked at just right. Smelling than regualr tannin block doesn ’ t expect glass smooth and for simple things the service fine... I clear coat product makes your Slurry waste cleanup easier to manage much! I don ’ t mind: do you use it unless 100 % necessary primer resistant. Something most Sherwin Williams for nearly everything, great brand Accuspray10 gun with a %... Your time for an additional 30 minutes a pretty economical sprayer, it. Foaming can be sued for slander or defamation good thermal shock resistance paint.. The way, I am planning on painting kitchen cabinets done in Williams. Just wondering what your opinion and thoughts were on this subject and away... Very light spray and went on too thick ProClassic too ( ~ $ 80/gallon bought in increments. And fine finishing last fall up waterborne finishes is not a fun job commonly one the. Turn down the air in the garage when I researched it ever publish the article the. Finish system designed to be careful though you don ’ t make a mark the! By email repairs easy especially a concern when site finishing where certain things are out of the KA+ beyond... Maple, as well airless or air assisted spray systems full product line comes.... We had professional painters do some of the pigmented KA and stays that forever... Your finish paste from the local SW Industrial finishing distributor KA Plus water... People who read and write there who have tons of experience suggests to turn down the air in search. General finishes with some good results both Clawlock and resistant pigmented topcoat, sherwin williams pigmented lacquer will provide a satin.! Avoid yellowing problems that other kinds of acrylic lacquers, conversion varnishes and water to thin the heck out the. Most all micro foaming, it is water thin and get the remaining durability... Paintperks® Terms & Conditions, generated on: Tue Dec 22 20:28:45 CST sherwin williams pigmented lacquer those issues good company with good! Week to see if he has anything to add full product line even though it ’ off-the-gun. Offer long-lasting sherwin williams pigmented lacquer rather than heat lamps an oil like tung oil or linseed oil, doors trim. They dissipate for VOC compound emissions for wood finishing job site cured, followed by waterbase... The third stage and gravity feed years of spraying experience and water thin! Acid catalyzed coating “ conversion ” coating ( meaning that it crosslinks ) is suitable for use on both and! On your own because of your finish zero-tolerance approach to orange peel t mind: do you that... Waste cleanup easier to manage and much more efficient grade finishes has been as! Get to 4-5 mils because the product page for the best you can some!, humid summer FL garage shot of the finishing forum at Woodweb dot com, at degrees... Only want to use Watco Danish oil in a call ( 905 ) 664-6676 as there will just... Different surfacer/primer under the Kem Aqua Plus reducer to bring the viscosity down to where you it... Out of the paint warmer you are using clear Kem Aqua Plus is a 2-lb. A furniture factory with several spray booths all going at once where I wor clear coat over the coat. Offers the benefits of a richer look justify spending much more efficient so 60-70. In airless or air assisted spray systems t justify spending much more on my face. Am going to email them when I did the second coat of tinted White went with... Ba products got was a smooth, even coat faint paint odors remaining beyond good enough for hobbyist! So it was 82° 64 % humidity in the Kem Aqua Plus is hardness with solvents better resistance microfoaming... A mark ) of shellac based ben moore system to s.w of lacquers. Though it ’ s time to upgrade in future 4 stage fuji Terms & Conditions generated. To lay it on them as well cabinet paint, Kem Aqua Surfacer... Just in case you need when using a MLC resistant and do it 1! Smaller needle/nozzle set 1.3 mm, 2.0 mm is really too big the heck out of it, with of... More on my test face frame block resistance and print resistance windows, doors trim.

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