Produziert von Maxpedition. This is a real clever way to pack some spare keys around. … Most of the rest we tested have at least some of the tools accessible without activating the pliers. Zudem stimme ich der Verarbeitung meiner personenbezogenen Daten für Marketingzwecke zu. FREE™ Multi-tools are engineered for one-handed access, unrivaled comfort and durability. Verfügbar. $124.95 $ 124. So, I bought a leatherman rebar about three years ago. With the Crunch Multitool, Leatherman gives you a kind of hand tool that does the job of 15 different tools. Shop now at A Dremel and parting disk cuts the appropriately-sized slot in the saw at the non-business end. Add a pocket clip to any multi tool. See more ideas about leatherman, multitool, leatherman tool. I'm a fan of the Leatherman Crunch which I think is the only multitool with built in vice grips...and the added fun is watching people use it as there's an odd technique to get it to work right which confuses the hell out of other people. Crunch is a tool for creating wordlist, which can be used to bruteforce or audit password strength. Welcome to the Forum Bob and excellent contribution man! Legendary hacker John Draper is known under the alias of Captain Crunch since he used a Captain Crunch cereal whistle to make free phone calls. Login with username, password and session length, Pretty cool looking mod you have there Sam. Alle Tools werden mit einer 25-jährigen Garantie geliefert. Leatherman Crunch Saw mod... A commercially available power saw blade can be pretty easily modded to enable using a Leatherman Crunch as a tool holder. $17.00. And it's still working fine. 00. in Multi Tool Tips. The commercial Barnett Diablo Pro has various counter weights sticking out on rods, I always thought they were a useless gimmick but now I think perhaps they knew what they were doing when that one was designed. Alle Funktionen die Du brauchst, direkt am Handgelenk. Leatherman, unverwüstlich und mit 25 Jahren Garantie. View Entire Discussion (15 Comments) More posts from the multitools community. Große Auswahl an Leatherman Produkten Bis zu 3 Jahre Garantie mit kostenloser Kundenkarte möglich Ihr Technik Experte Really well, I made these to be a pocket-able EDC shooter, but it turns out that this is the most accurate slingshot I've used. Aug 14, 2020 - The Surge is one of our two largest multi-tools; a real powerhouse, built with our largest pliers, longest multi-tool blades and easy-to-use locks. Read the whole story here » The Leatherman Difference. For use with any Leatherman tool or knife that features a large bit driver (Charge, Surge, Wave, e306x/e307x, k502x/k503x, h502/h503, Crater and... Add to Cart. Mit der Holz-/Metallfeile, dem Wellenschliffmesser, Drahtschneider und verschiedene Schraubendreher sind Sie für den Einsatz im Installationsbereich gewappnet. I can hit a 60mm target 9/10 at 13yds in my back garden with this - which for me is the best I've been. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Rockslide and MrOG like this. This mass acts as an inertial balance and stops the slingshot flipping forward when I release the pouch. Geschlossen ist das Crunch kompakt und gerade einmal 10 cm lang. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk. 10 things you didn’t know you could do with a Leatherman multi-tool. The slot in the end of the saw then fits into the wire cutter area of the Leatherman. 11 Awesome Leatherman Tips, Tricks and Hacks. 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,862. So you dont have to grip it so tight constantly. Includes: Carbon … Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate that you've thought about it. Knivesandtools ist deshalb begeistert von Leatherman Multitools. This is just my two cents    I would not make suggestions if i didnt think it was awesome. This is not recommended for shared computers. Yes yes on some work to do on my micra now!great ideas... #8 Revj, Jan 8, 2012. nw1911guy Loaded Pockets. Some metal pieces to direct the pliers where to go would make sure the fork is always positioned in the same place, and would eliminate and slippage. The only difference is that Leatherman craftsmen engineered the Crunch following the design of a vise grip. Leatherman Tool Group Crunch 15 Heavy-Duty Multi-Tool with Locking Pliers-68010101K - The Home Depot . Quote from: Sam Lim on November 17, 2018, 04:11:39 PM, Quote from: Poncho65 on November 17, 2018, 04:58:11 PM, Quote from: Poncho65 on November 17, 2018, 04:02:46 AM, Quote from: zoidberg on November 17, 2018, 09:03:37 PM, Quote from: zoidberg on November 17, 2018, 09:12:48 PM, Quote from: SteveC on November 25, 2018, 03:06:42 PM, Quote from: ThePeacent on November 25, 2018, 03:42:15 PM, Quote from: Wspeed on November 27, 2018, 04:32:15 PM, Quote from: Poncho65 on November 30, 2018, 05:01:32 PM. :cheers: :cheers: The Leatherman Crunch has all the tools within the confines of the stowed pliers. Hello Lurker! $124.95. tshank blade exchanger, scalpel holder similar to the one on a Havalon Evolve, large bit driver, small bit driver, and even have some sort of holder for a sawzall blade. Unter der Einstel... Mehr. It grips very tightly so there is no slippage, I even removed a wheel from my motorcycle once with just a Leatherman Crunch! The Leatherman Blog. Sounds like your set up. € 14,36 € 17,95. Does your multi tool lock shut? Leatherman MUT (MUT EOD Black) Accessory Kit #930370 includes all the replaceable parts on the MUT EOD in one easy-to-use kit. Combi-Deal. I did think about putting a couple of nubbins on to ensure consistent position of the Crunch jaws, but it's not necessary (and I'd use the TIG welder if it came to doing it). Combi-Deal. Leatherman Multitools machen manchmal den Eindruck, sie seien unverwüstlich. It's entirely by accident rather than by design but I believe that it's due to the mass of the Crunch most of which is sticking out to the left my shooting hand (as in the photo). Die Funktionalität eines Leatherman, egal wo Du hin gehst. The company was founded in July 1983 by Timothy S. Leatherman and Steve Berliner in order to market his idea of a capable, easily portable hand tool with multiple functions. $109.95. See more ideas about Leatherman, Multitool, Leatherman tool. 7 Bewertung(en) DMT Diafold konischer Schleifstab, FSKC Konischer Diamant-Schleifstab für gezackte … from: Sam Lim on November 17, 2018, 04:11:39 PMCustomised load. Revj Loaded Pockets. 95. ... We reviewed the Leatherman Crunch multi-tool, a unique model that features adjustable locking pliers. Get how-tos and hacks for everything from camping to cookouts. Leatherman Leatherman MUT Accessory Kit (MUT EOD Black) #930370. Combi-Deals & Accessoires. Leatherman Crunch, Leder-Etui. $20.00 $19.95. I might have to look into the crunch tool. They should come out with a leatherman called "Leatherman Mode", which offers replaceable everything. Ich habe die Datenschutzerklärung von Leatherman gelesen und bin damit einverstanden. I like re-purposing stuff. Now I can carry a slingshot everywhere, it lives in a little leather pouch with a couple of dozen 6mm steel balls and the whole lot goes in my EDC pouch. Very creative. I saw the Altoids tin challenge and thought I could do something. Locking pliers that fold away make the Leatherman Crunch unlike any multi-tool available today. It sounds like the crunch was a happy accident. However crunch can use patterns to reduce wordlists sizes, can compress output files in various formats and now includes a message showing size of the wordlists that will be created, you can cancel the creating of wordlist by pressing “CTRL” C in Windows “COMMAND” C on Mac. Welcome to the forum Im going to look for more cool builds from you, I dig your style. Leatherman Instead of a classic butterfly fold the Crunch folds outwards and uses a toggle system to attach one side of the grips to the opposite handle. Hang out and pick up some new crafty tricks with the Leatherman crew at THE WORKBENCH. That leaves plenty of space in your tool box for your other handy items. LEATHERMAN, Super Tool 300 Multitool with Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters and Saw, Stainless Steel with Nylon Sheath. $89.00 $ 89. « previous Das Hauptwerkzeug des Leatherman Crunch ist die Rohrzange mit Stellschraube für 1-Zoll Rohre.

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